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The colours

Despite its special characteristics enamel belongs to the big group of glasses. Its main ingredient is quartz sand. The bright colours are caused by different metal oxides. The raw product for enamel colours is called frit. It has to meet special demands like pressure resistance, buoyancy, stability of temperature changes, resistance against chemicals. The frit is quite clear and results in transparent enamel. To get the opaque tints, you have to add special substances. The frit is pounded and ground before it is molten onto the metal at temperatures of 700-900 Celsius (1300-1500 Fahrenheit).

Firing tools The kilns My inspirations

Firing tools

Firing tools

Since enamel liquefies in the kiln, it is essential to avoid any contact with it, nor by tongs, nor by any other tools. That is, why pieces have to hang freely. And so, before the actual enameling, the essential firing tools have to be prepared. Often you may use ready-made tripods or folding stands, but more often you have to build your own.

The colours The kilns My inspirations

The kilns

The kilns

Kilns for enameling have to differ from kilns for ceramics, as they have to be opened every two minutes to take a new load. In order not to lose too much heat it is advisable to prepare many pieces and fire them one after the other, ideally all of about the same size in an adequately sized kiln. My kilns measure (hight x width x depth)
1. 10x16x16cm 2. 10x20x40cm 3. 30x30x30cm
Enamel cannot only be fired in a kiln, but also with open fire. I use propane or acetylene gas or for special firings MAPP gas, which is especially clean and can go directly onto the enamel.

The colours Firing tools My inspirations

Nature is my inspiration

View in to my garden

Where do I get my inspiration from? I am thinking in pictures. I am longing for beauty and harmony. Colour can give me a high. I love children. Simple pictures from stories, especially from the Bible, are sources for many of my designs and motifs. And sometimes, just colour, nothing but colour.

The colours Firing tools The kilns