Curriculum Vitae Ingelore Sandeck

  • Born 1940

  • 1960 Matriculation (Abitur), took a degree in Education while simultaneously attending the Hamburg Academy of Art, Metal work class with Prof. Tuempel

  • After 1965: working with enamel, at this time still as a side interest.

  • From 1969: working on iconography. Making (actually it is called: writing) icons means, being bound to strict rules. So, when a colour comes out of the kiln in a different shade, than intended, it cannot be tolerated. These years taught me among other things to very well know about colours, firing temperatures and firing time.

  • Since 1979 free artistic expression. Enamel is no longer regarded under the categories: Right/wrong as with the icons. Experimentation is welcome. I do, what I feel like, not what I should.

  • Since 1986: arts and crafts enameling, back to the small size: fine cloisonné work, grinding.

  • Since 1994: contracts to work on ecclesiastical vessels and regalia have led to new experiences with enamel on silver.

  • Since 2002: the opportunity to use large kilns in Kecskemét (Hungary) have led to new experiments in larger format.


Mostly in Germany. Participation in exhibitions abroad. Sydney (1976 and 1977), Jerusalem (1988),
Kecskemét, Hungary (2002,2003,2004), Tokyo (2004), Morez, France (2005), Ravenstein, Netherlands(2008, 2009, 2010)